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Heritage Tourism and Interpretive Signage

About About TNSDS Heritage Tourism and Interpretive Signage

Tourism is one of Alaska’s largest industries, and some communities may have an opportunity to use their past as a means for creating a niche in this market. Heritage tourism is a sustainable business venture in that it helps to sustain culture, preserves the built environment, and fosters economic development. TNSDS can work with communities throughout Alaska to assess the feasibility of engaging in a heritage tourism market. In addition to looking at existing assets and studying local and regional market trends, TNSDS can help launch promotional campaigns to attract new businesses into the community or build capacity for business development.

TNSDS also has experience with the development and implementation of interpretive signs throughout Alaska.  Interpretive signs are installed to illustrate the history, evolution, and significance of historical and/or cultural resources as a means to promote heritage tourism by enhancing the visitor experience. Interpretive signage is a simple and cost-effective, year-round communication technique to inform and engage the public in the significance of significant resources in a community.

Heritage Tourism and Interpretive Signage

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